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What do you want to be? (When you grow up and now)

I don't know if it's because there are more people discussing this topic nowadays, or if it's just casualty, the thing is that these past days I've read many articles dealing with a bone of contention: feminism. To me, it seems that we're always discussing women's role in our society concerning family, work, nurturance or even physical appearance, but also that we tend to forget something: what about children and their supposed gender roles?

The Instructions, by Neil Gaiman

Today, I'm bringing you something I've found on Chris Riddell's Facebook page. It's Neil Gaiman's poem The Instructions turned into illustrations. If you want to see the comments people have written on each image, here's the link. It's curious that Chris made these, as the poem was turned officially into a graphic novel in collaboration with Charles Vess. You can have a look at it (inside of it, I mean) on amazon if you want to.
Evocative and tale-like, both Gaiman and Riddell make, in my opinion, the perfect match. Don't know if you've seen The Sleeper and the Spindle, but, bearing in mind that the tale is not Gaiman's best, the result is still utterly beautiful. 
I know this is not what I said I'd be posting next, but I couldn't resist it. It's the instructions on what to do if you ever find yourself inside a fairytale (as Gaiman himself says in the recording you'll see here). And now, here you are.

Court of mirrors, by Concepción Perea.

Nationality: Spanish.
Publisher: Fantascy.
Pages: 672.
Translated: no.
Saga: no. 1

The Court of Mirrors is the capital city and heart of EarthBorder, a kingdom where fairies don't believe that humans exist, an old city which was decisive during the Sleeping Queen War.
Many years have passed after that bloody conflict that left behind a fragile peace, a long list of resentments and an unstable throne. A war that still divides the Aen Sidhe, proud governors, and the Gentile, fairies with no titles or privileges.
There live Nicasia, a knocker and engineer, and Dujal, a phoka too keen on risk. They've both been into a long-term power struggle in which Marsias, a peaceful satyr owner of a brothel, tries to intercede as much as he can.
The murder of Manx, Dujal's tutor as well as Marsias and Nicasia's brother sister in arms, will make them join together in an investigation to find the culprits. They set out on a journey that will lead them from the centaurs's forests to mount St…

Declaration of intent

My innocent aim when I started writing this first entry was to declare my intention of letting Anglo-saxon readers know how AWESOME fantastic literature written by Spanish authors is. 

Because there have to be some, right? -Awesome Spanish fantasy writers, I mean-. So say all the literary contests about the winners, and so say many sites and blogs about those authors who have been writing all their lives. 

El día del humor, digo, del dragón. Sí, El día del dragón

Editorial: Naufragio de Letras
Páginas: 340
Colección/saga: ¿?

¿Perdón? ¿Qué? ¿Que toca contar de qué va la novela? ¿Ahora? ¡Ah! ¡La sinopsis!
¿Cuánto espacio tenemos? ¿Menos de doscientas palabras? ¡Eso es muy poco!
Uf, uf. Bueno, vamos a intentarlo...

¡El día del dragón es una historia delirante, épica y divertida! ¡Es la mejor novela que podrás leer mientras lees esta novela! ¡Adéntrate en sus páginas y conoce a Fran, Carol y Kang Dae! ¡Los tres deberán enfrentarse a peligros inimaginables para proteger un huevo muy especial! ¡Un huevo de dragón!
Acompaña a nuestros héroes en un viaje inolvidable a través de mundos imposibles. ¡Se las tendrán que ver con magos temibles, hordas de monstruos y con un duque maléfico que pretende destruir el mundo!
¿Quieres más? ¡Pues lo hay!
¡Tenemos caimanes, robots gigantes, cucarachas a la búsqueda de dioses, ratones en huelga, viajes dimensionales, batallas, magia y, por supuesto, un dragón!
¿Te lo vas a perder?

Este libro contiene el peor chiste…