Monday, 28 November 2016

Court of mirrors, by Concepción Perea.

Nationality: Spanish.
Publisher: Fantascy.
Pages: 672.
Translated: no.
Saga: no. 1

The Court of Mirrors is the capital city and heart of EarthBorder, a kingdom where fairies don't believe that humans exist, an old city which was decisive during the Sleeping Queen War.
Many years have passed after that bloody conflict that left behind a fragile peace, a long list of resentments and an unstable throne. A war that still divides the Aen Sidhe, proud governors, and the Gentile, fairies with no titles or privileges.
There live Nicasia, a knocker and engineer, and Dujal, a phoka too keen on risk. They've both been into a long-term power struggle in which Marsias, a peaceful satyr owner of a brothel, tries to intercede as much as he can.
The murder of Manx, Dujal's tutor as well as Marsias and Nicasia's brother sister in arms, will make them join together in an investigation to find the culprits. They set out on a journey that will lead them from the centaurs's forests to mount StarToucher, inhabited by ferocious goblins. Always chased by the long shadow of the mysterious Lady TunnelRunner and by Nicasia's well-kept secrets.

I don't exactly like this summary, as it's packed with non-defining clauses that cause trouble understanding who's who, but the thing is: there are so many goings-on in the novel that it'd be crazy  to write a good synopsis without spoiling something important, so, it's ok with this one; at least it's not a big fat lie, as it happens sometimes with back cover synopses.