The Instructions, by Neil Gaiman

Today, I'm bringing you something I've found on Chris Riddell's Facebook page. It's Neil Gaiman's poem The Instructions turned into illustrations. If you want to see the comments people have written on each image, here's the link. It's curious that Chris made these, as the poem was turned officially into a graphic novel in collaboration with Charles Vess. You can have a look at it (inside of it, I mean) on amazon if you want to.
Evocative and tale-like, both Gaiman and Riddell make, in my opinion, the perfect match. Don't know if you've seen The Sleeper and the Spindle, but, bearing in mind that the tale is not Gaiman's best, the result is still utterly beautiful. 
I know this is not what I said I'd be posting next, but I couldn't resist it. It's the instructions on what to do if you ever find yourself inside a fairytale (as Gaiman himself says in the recording you'll see here). And now, here you are.



Please, no comments here. It was the artist's choice.

And, basically, this is it. Enjoy it and get inspired!


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