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Day of the Dragon

Nationality: Spanish
Publisher: Naufragio de Letras
Pages: 340
Series/saga: ¿?
Translated: no

Sorry? What? Time to talk about the novel? Right now? Oh! The synopsis!
How much can we write? Less than two hundred words? How little!
Uf, uf. Alright, let's try...

Day of the Dragon is a delirious, epic, funny story! It's the best novel you'll read while you're reading this novel! Get into its pages and meet Fran, Carol and Kang Dae! They'll have to face unthinkable dangers to protect a very special egg! A dragon egg!
Join our heroes in an unforgettable trip through impossible worlds. They'll have to deal with fearsome wizards, hordes of monsters and a maleficent duke who intends to destroy the world! What, you want more? Well, there is! 
We've got alligators, giant robots, cockroaches in search of gods, mice on strike, dimensional travel, battles, magic and, of course, a dragon!
Are you going to miss it? 

This book contains the worst joke ever. If you are especially…